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We have three types of material for you. Economy, Standard, Deluxe. Read more below


Please, provide data to calculate Wallpapers Price for your room. Type the Size of square you need to arrange and other properties. Be sure, You'll get an actual price with discounts
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This option is for you if you want to save money and are sure that your walls are perfectly flat. Due to the low density of the material, small bumps and cracks may appear on the wallpaper after gluing.
This is a non-woven vinyl wallpaper. Any image will look great, the picture will be clear and bright. The volumetric texture of the wallpaper will help hide minor defects on the wall.
This is a non-woven vinyl wallpaper with an additional protective coating. Dense texture, resistant to minor damage with the best color rendering and color saturation.
The surface of this wallpaper is covered with small elegant glitters that shimmer in the light. It is perfect for bright rooms and hides unevenness of the wall.
You can save your time and add paste to your order. The paste is specially selected for the material you have chosen.
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