Sky is not the limit with Uwalls! Wall mural space is the category of decorations for your walls for any room. Space themed wall murals will enchant your space and give you the feeling of magnitude any time you look at them. Why should you opt for a space mural?

Wall murals for every space

Your child will not be the only one feeling over the moon once the space mural lands on your wall. This is a great opportunity to enliven the kitchen, living room, or even bathroom. Our projects are also a marvellous decoration for office space. Do your employees space out too often sitting in a boring environment? Help them focus with a peaceful mural with stars and galaxies. You may wonder how a constellation or galaxy will match your present arrangement in space. Uwalls murals can go well with numerous decoration styles such as:

  • bohemian,
  • modern,
  • glamour,
  • minimalism,
  • traditional style,
  • industrial,
  • eclectic.

You can experiment with the types of decorations as well as you can choose the exact size and the type of material for your space mural. You can also look at wall murals for kids, which we created especially for children.

Wall mural space and much more

You are not an astronaut but would like to see Earth from space? With Uwalls you can do it drinking your morning coffee or while falling asleep. Other 3D themes available are planets, constellations, galaxies, and stars. Look at a galaxy mural on your wall and teach your child about astronomy or just relax after a hard day at work. The night sky or the solar system can also help with practising mindful living and the memory of the most important aspects of life.

High quality at a great price

You cannot ask for the moon on Uwalls. We meet the demands of even the most creative customers and the galaxy of choices of our space murals for walls helps to find the dream decoration for your space. The materials for murals are the highest quality with reasonable buy price, which means you can enjoy beautiful walls for a long time. Our online store ships across the UK, which allows you to order our wall murals from your couch.

Still not sure which mural to choose? Feel free to let us help you with our free designer services and visualisation for your interior.

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