Flower wall murals – the best way to revive your home

If you’re looking for eye-catching wall designs, you came to the right place. Floral murals are becoming more and more popular – thanks to the variety of patterns and colours. Floral wall mural designs are great for maximalists and colourful rooms, but they can also be fitted into more neutral spaces. No matter the design, it will definitely be an interesting addition to your house.

How to decide?

Decorating a home is a hard task, especially when it comes to the walls. For walls, it’s important to find not only the colour but also the pattern. An interesting wall decor makes every room ten times more attractive. A mural with flowers will bring your room back to life and will give it a unique touch. Bright, dark, blue, purple or beige decor – no matter what, you can always find a matching botanical wallpaper mural for your house.

The offer – every flower you can imagine

What kind of flowers are on botanical wallpaper murals? The best thing is that floral wallpaper murals come in every pattern you want. That way you can transfer your favourite plant from your garden inside the house. Here are some examples and ideas for flowers;

  • Rose,
  • Peony,
  • Sunflower,
  • Palm leaf wall mural,
  • Wildflower,
  • Dried flowers,
  • Poppy,
  • Dandelion,
  • Tulip,
  • Lilly,
  • Magnolia.

And many others – a wide range of possible flower kinds and species will enable you to choose the best one.

Choose your design

Apart from choosing what kind of flower you want, you can also choose other aspects of your dreamed floral wall mural, such as;

  • The size of flowers – you can choose a large flower or a tiny one,
  • Texture – painted flower effect or smooth printed one,
  • 3D or a traditional wallpaper mural

Where can I buy a floral mural wallpaper?

The best place for shopping for wall murals with flowers is the internet. It’s the most comfortable and efficient way of finding your wallpaper.

If you’re looking for an online store with high-quality and great prices, check out Uwalls – a UK mural wallpaper shop with plenty of different designs, not only for botanical wallpaper murals but also many others such as abstract, minimalist or romantic.

The pictures on the page are vivid and realistic, which will help you in making a decision. The delivery of the wallpaper is fast and the product is well secured, so no damage is possible. If you buy wallpaper and then you realise you don’t like it anymore – don't worry. You can always return it and get another one.

How much does the flower mural wallpaper cost?

When it comes to the price, the cost of a floral wallpaper mural may vary. It depends on several factors;

  • The size,
  • Material of the wallpaper,
  • Special effects – 3D wallpapers may be more expensive.

On the Uwalls online store page, the price for 1 m2 of wallpaper is 17£ - both for traditional and 3D mural wallpapers.

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