3D wallpaper: description of the category

In recent years, more and more emphasis has been placed on interior design for homes. Standard solutions are a sign of the past. Original style is a solution that is more and more popular. Scandinavian, vintage and art deco styles are just some of the available trends. Each of them gives you the possibility of an interesting solution, which is 3D wallpaper. What products can be found in this category?

3D wall murals - what patterns?

Among the 3D wallpapers you can find patterns. If you like nature, we have very good news for you: the offer includes wallpapers featuring nature:

  • oriental trees,
  • exotic plants,
  • traditional plant motifs.

You can see many more examples of them below:

  • sea,
  • forest,
  • world map (it is a perfect 3D wall mural for a children's room),
  • space,
  • characters from children's fairy tales,
  • fantasy themes,
  • realistic,
  • baroque elements (a good solution if you are looking for a luxury 3D wallpaper UK),
  • cities and countries (for example 3D wall murals UK).

and many, many more. Regardless of the themes, you will receive 3D effect wallpaper.

Fashionable 3D wallpaper murals - a good idea for a small apartment

3D wall murals is a way of arrangement that is worth considering if our small apartment. Why? The answer to this question is very simple: properly used 3D mural wallpaper will make your room appear optically larger.

Of course, a 3D wall mural for the home is still good if you want to decorate a large living room, for example. Three-dimensional style is a universal solution.

Our online collection of Uwalls.co.uk includes an extremely diverse, wide range of different colours, including, for example, grey, sky blue, pink, white and intense red. Thanks to this, you can use 3D murals e.g. for the living room and bedroom.

3D wallpaper for wall: you have to avoid the trash

A well-chosen 3D wallpaper design will make your interiors original (e.g. the brick effect is interesting - it seems then that there are real materials on the wall). It is an interesting and more and more original (and also quite inexpensive - the cost of printing 3D wallpaper murals is not particularly high) for walls. On the other hand, it's easy to make a mistake. If you choose wallpaper with bright patterns and colours, and your living room or bedroom has subdued, cool colours, there is a risk that such a combination will be cheesy and tasteless.

This is the reason why you need to pay attention to the careful choice of 3D picture (texture, materials, colour etc.). Contrary to appearances, this may be difficult. On the other hand, the category of these products is very diverse. This gives you a very wide range of choices and options. You will certainly choose the right product for your interior.

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