Wallpaper for kids room - it can be like a portal to another world

Wall mural is a finishing material that allows you to move almost to another dimension. Choosing and deciding on one is quite a challenge. However, it can be a fun and rewarding process, especially when it comes to choosing a kids room wallpaper. Factors such as the child's gender, age and interests will be a helpful guide during the selection.

Categories to choose from

There is a common division into products for girls and boys, but when it comes to wallpapers for walls - it would be better to categorize them all simply as unisex. There are popular categories such as:

  • princesses, rainbow, unicorns, castles;
  • collection related to nature (floral motifs, enchanted forest, a large tree or several trees, jungle wallpaper, safari, wallpapers with animals e.g. dinosaurs);
  • with cars, robots, outer space, with rockets - like a modern kids wallpaper;
  • more related to urban planning, sports or music;
  • delicate patterns in black and white (e.g. sketches).

Great importance is attached to the proper development of the child. So it is worth getting a wall mural for children, kids bedroom wallpaper which not only entertains, but also teaches. A world map, for example, will be perfect here. It can be also a great idea to buy and place the wallpaper of the sky, planets and stars on the ceiling.

Wall mural made to measure

The big advantage of buying kids wallpaper UK in the Uwalls online store and not only is the fact that it is high-quality, with a great texture, prepared to an individual size and ready to be placed on the wall. You can create a cozy place for a child or arrange a room for two by decorating it with two different wallpapers. On the Uwalls website you can find an attractive promotion when the price is lower than the regular one, and order it in a certain size with home delivery by UPS courier.

Practical materials

All available in Uwalls shop wallpapers have a non-woven backing. Vinyl along with Vinyl Premium textures have a thin layer of vinyl coating (layer of PVC) which gives durability and resistance to damage. It also allows them to be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge. The economy material is suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms because it is more breathable. The Premium Vinyl has an extra layer of varnish that repels moisture and dirt and is easy to clean, so the kitchen and bathroom will be just right for it. Vinyl and Premium Vinyl materials combine color saturation and high wear resistance, so they will be perfect for other rooms.

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