If you are looking for living room wallpaper UK, to make your home interior cosy and unique, you can choose from the collection available in Uwalls online store. We offer high-quality wallpapers to buy, with delivery in the UK.

Types of modern living room wallpaper

There are different types of wallpaper for living room for sale available at the regular and promotional price. Depending on your needs and preferences, you will find here elegant, contemporary or unusual patterns such as:

How to choose wallpaper murals for living room?

The wallpaper murals for living room can be designed as:

  • a pattern - shows for example geometrical figures, leaves and flowers,
  • a painting - looks like a work of art covering the wall. You can match them according to the size and style of your living room.

If you would like to make a classy living room, the good choice for you are wallpapers with luxury design such as grey or gold marble. Nature paintings, for example, Japanese gardens, delicate peonies, or blooming golden trees, will work perfectly as well.

To the modern and loft interiors, will match for example dark and black wallpapers showing city landscapes, bricks, or geometric modules.

For a small living room, you should focus on light colour and modest wallpapers. They will make a room look bigger, brighter and will not overwhelm the interior. As well, a 3d wallpaper for living room is a good choice because it will give the effect of more space.

When your living room is spacious, you can decorate it with very patterned wallpapers with a mix of colours to make it look more filled. You will avoid the effect of emptiness in a big room and will feel more cosy when spending time there.

Green leaves and tree wallpapers suit boho-style rooms. You will like them, especially if you use a living room as a place to relax in peace. Green colour and nature help to calm down and rest.

How to design wallpaper for modern living room?

When you would like to use modern living room wallpaper decor inside your home, the best idea is to choose one side of a room to make an accent wall. It should be well visible and not covered by many things. To distinguish the wallpaper and show its nice design, the most popular solutions are:

  • to make it behind the sofa,
  • to make a TV background.

Check ideas for living room wallpaper trends 2023 in our store and make a stylish interior in which you will spend your time with pleasure!

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